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Probation Violation

A probation violation occurs when a judge orders your probation revoked. If this occurs, you may be required to serve the remaining amount of time from your original sentence, or if the probation violation consisted of committing another crime, you could face new charges. In either event, probation violation charges are complex and severe, and what might have been a short-term problem can easily become a life-changing event. Do not allow your life to be destroyed because you misunderstood or did not take a probation violation seriously.

As a former prosecutor, Thomas Amburgey understands the state's strategy, the possible weaknesses of the case and how to best communicate with the parties involved in the violation. We understand that your rights are not any less important because you’ve been charged, or even convicted, of a crime. The attorneys at Amburgey Law are skilled criminal defense attorneys that will protect you from a worsening situation by acting as a liaison to the prosecutor and the judge while providing you with the best representation and protection of your rights. We have successfully represented individuals involved with probation violations throughout North Carolina. Some of the standard probation violations are:

  • Failing to report to a probation officer
  • Missing curfew
  • Testing positive for alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to pay fines or restitution
  • New charges

The criminal defense attorneys at Amburgey Law are experienced and accomplished trial attorneys that provide effective legal representation of probation violations. We will evaluate your particular case and provide the best solution available. Thomas is an honest attorney that provides reliable legal remedies and can be trusted to protect you, your rights, and your freedoms. We understand the confusion and anxiety that are present with legal issues and are focused on assisting you through the process as efficiently as possible. If you are struggling with the negotiations of a probation violation or facing harsh penalties, it is imperative that you seek qualified legal counsel immediately. Call us for a consultation today.

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