Weapons Offenses

If you’re looking to defend against a weapons offense, you need an experienced, committed defense team. Penalties are strong, and consequences long-lasting. Amburgey Law represents your strongest option for defending against such cases. Thomas Amburgey’s decades of experience include handling federal and state-level weapons offenses. Don’t let a weapons offense charge ruin your future or freedom. As a former prosecutor and board-certified specialist, Thomas has the qualifications and experience that you need.

Thomas Amburgey’s extensive trial experience means he understands the weaknesses of the state’s case, where their positions lie, and how to best communicate with the DA. He knows the courtroom, and through over seventy jury trials, he’s gained the understanding of what’s most important for putting you in the position to win.

Weapons Offense Charges include:

  • felon in possession of a firearm
  • violation of conceal/carry laws
  • assault with a deadly weapon
  • illegal sale of weapons

Weapons charges are serious matters. Consult an experienced defense attorney as quickly as possible if you’ve been charged with a firearm violation. Your right to bear arms is protected and you are innocent until proven guilty. Thomas Amburgey is committed to protecting your future and your right to posses a firearm. Call Thomas today.