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Assault & Domestic Violence

Violent Crime | Criminal Defense of Assault and Domestic Violence Charges

Assault and battery are often included in one charge. Unlike assault, which can be the imminent threat of harm or contact, battery requires contact with the victim. Battery is a criminal charge that is the unlawful act of physically harming or offensively touching a person. A criminal conviction of such charges could damage your future education and job opportunities, and you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side to protect your rights and your future. The attorneys at Amburgey Law understand the confusion associated with the criminal charges of assault and battery and we support our clients through such challenging times.

Several different crimes could be charged if accused of larceny. Some offenses that fall under the general description of assault and battery are:

  • Assault on a Female
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault with intent to kill or inflict serious injury
  • Battery
  • Breach of Peace
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Fighting
  • Simple assault
  • Simple or Aggravated Affrays

It is hard to follow the complicated rules and procedures used in the criminal justice system. The experienced criminal attorneys at Amburgey Law help our clients understand the charges and the options available while explaining the unique circumstances surrounding your case that may affect the outcome of your trial, including the severity of your penalty.

Domestic Violence

The term domestic violence is defined as the victimization within the family unit and personal relationships, whether by marriage, divorce, cohabitation, or dating. If you are being investigated or charged with a domestic violence incident, it is imperative that you seek an experienced attorney to represent you in defense of such accusations. As a former prosecutor, Thomas Amburgey has extensive trial experience and understands the weaknesses of the state’s case, and how to best communicate with the DA. He will protect your rights, examine the evidence, and always strive to achieve the best result for you. Some examples of domestic violence are:

  • Physical harm
  • Sexual battery/assault
  • Threats of physical harm
  • Stalking
  • False Imprisonment

Domestic violence allegations are handled expeditiously by the Court and carry serious consequences that may have long lasting implications. As such, this is a delicate issue requiring proper handling and legal guidance to ensure the protection of your interests and rights.

The criminal defense attorneys at Amburgey Law guide our clients through the complexity of domestic violence allegations or charges and will formulate a strategy that will best defend the charges. We are experienced and accomplished trial attorneys that provide efficient and effective legal representation of criminal charges. Call Thomas today for a consultation.

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