Asheville, Buncombe, WNC College/Underage Defense Lawyer


As a student or a parent of a student in legal trouble, it’s important that you consult a professional, experienced defense attorney as quickly as possible. Your future is at stake, including careers, academic probation, student loans, housing, and more. Thomas Amburgey has the experience working in the criminal justice system to protect your rights, and to ensure your future is unmarred by criminal charges. As a former prosecutor and board-certified specialist, Thomas has the qualifications and experience that you need.

Thomas Amburgey’s extensive trial experience means he understands the weaknesses of the state’s case, where their positions lie, and how to best communicate with the DA. He knows the courtroom, and through over seventy jury trials, he’s gained the understanding of what’s most important for putting you in the position to win.

High School and College students are at great risk for criminal charges to have lasting, long-term effects on their lives. Negative effects include difficulty getting into schools, securing student loans, passing background checks for housing, being denied credit, missing out on internships and jobs, and more. 

Students and young people are at risk for misunderstanding the charges against them, and for pleading quickly to get back to their lives. This can frequently be a mistake, and it may be in your favor to fight the charges to maintain a truly clean record. Amburgey Law has the experience to negotiate with prosecutors to secure the best possible outcome for your case so that you can return to studies and to your life.